Launch of Latin America Ecosystem Leadership Foundational Program 2023

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2 min readOct 24, 2022


Landing the u-school of transformation in Latin America

Photo by Pablo Sanhueza


In June this year we worked with 100 multi sector emerging leaders in a true Ecosystem Activation in Chile, in the context of Emergentes, an initiative hosted by PI, COLUNGA, IMAGO and Ciudadanía Inteligente.

That workshop planted the seeds for a new cycle of regional programs, that combine learning the Theory U frame and tools, ecosystem activation, co-inspiration, horizontal collaboration and prototyping initiatives for concrete local and regional impact.

This transformational experience, the winds of change in Latin America, and the emergence of a committed Spanish-speaking corps of volunteers and deepening societal awareness, has created a fertile soil for a new offering for the region.

Ready to Launch

We are launching the first edition of the Ecosystem Leadership Foundational Program in Latin America in 2023, which will land the u-school for Transformation in the continent.

The Program, conceived as part of a regional annual Cycle for Ecosystem Leadership activation, transformation and shared knowledge, will offer tools for personal, organizational, community and social change towards awareness based collective action and regeneration.

It will be the foundation stone of a regional infrastructure for practical and experiential learning and exchange between leaders and agents of change towards a more happy, peaceful, inclusive, just and regenerative future for our continent and the planet.

And it is designed with and for the Latinamerican communities and contexts, including their traditional wisdom and contemplating the particular challenges and realities that need to be faced, to impact with the spill of the learnings and their application in the context of the participants.


The 2023 Ecosystem Leadership Foundational Program is scheduled for March 2023 in Uruguay, as a 4-day intensive program in a beautiful and spacious venue surrounded by Nature. The program will be led by Otto Scharmer. Becky Buell and Laura Pastorini, with the support of the local facilitation team. Content will be in Spanish and Portuguese, with translation from English.

To make the group of participants really inclusive, we are partnering with many regional organizations and developing a careful application process, to make sure we have representation of the social diversity of the region in a multi-sector event.

Apply Here

Those interested in this edition of the Ecosystem Leadership Foundational Program need to complete an application form before November 30, 2022.

For more info, email:

Thanks to Pablo Sanhueza for the photo of Chile Emergentes.