Guest blog by Robin Duval, originally published at on September 14, 2020.

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Victoria Road, Govanhill, Glasgow

I attended the Firestarter Festival for the first time this year. After completing the ULab in late 2019, I decided to run my own event as part of the data collection for my MSc dissertation regarding the impact of urban development on rent and well-being in Govanhill (an area in Glasgow, Scotland).

Guest Blog by Jasmine Mascarenhas, Montreal, Canada.

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Artwork by Anne Moncion

This article is an adaptation of Jasmine Mascarenhas’ opening article for the Blog space related to her inspiring start-up Grow Still, a support center for “emerging adults”. As defined by Grow Still, “The transitional period between adolescence and adulthood is where the term emerging adults comes into play”. Jasmine was part of a u.lab 1x hub in 2016 at Concordia University, which eventually led her to integrate Theory U tools & practices in the offerings of her start-up organization to young people in Montreal, Canada. …

übersetzt von Isabell Herzog — Originalartikel auf Englisch

Lesen Sie den Artikel auf Spanisch — auf Niederländisch — auf traditionellem Chinesisch — auf Japanisch — auf Französisch — auf Russisch

Die US-Wahlen nächste Woche fühlen sich an wie ein planetarer Wendepunkt, der Auswirkungen weit über die USA hinaus haben wird. Dieser Moment hat eine äußere und eine innere Dimension. Die äußere Dimension ist ein Referendum über den Bewohner des Weißen Hauses. Aber ein Wechsel dort wird allein nicht viel verändern. …

article originel par Otto Scharmer, 30 octobre 2020 (traduction par Anna Matard et Agathe Peltereau-Villeneuve)

Lire l’article en anglais – en espagnol – en néerlandais – en chinois traditionnel

L’élection américaine de la semaine prochaine semble être un tournant planétaire, qui a des implications bien au-delà des frontières américaines. Ce moment a une dimension extérieure et une dimension intérieure. Extérieurement on est devant un référendum concernant l’occupant de la Maison Blanche. Mais un changement à ce seul niveau ne changera pas grand-chose. …

tradotto da Paolo Fedidall’articolo originale in inglese di Otto Scharmer

Noi stiamo vivendo in un momento di cambiamento tettonico nella società. Qualcosa è cambiato quando tutti abbiamo guardato le stesse immagini — 8 minuti e 46 secondi — l’uccisione di George Floyd. Durante quell’esperienza insopportabile, qualcosa si è rotto e si è aperto nei nostri cuori, nel modo in cui ci relazioniamo l’uno con l’altro e nel modo in cui vogliamo vivere insieme.

Dal crollo del muro di Berlino nel 1989 …

Quando il muro di Berlino è crollato nel 1989, abbiamo assistito alla fine dell’era della guerra…

by Opaline Lysiak & Thomas Lovett — adapted from an original article published on 4Returns

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Students in an agriculture school happy to use tools to study soil life

The time is right to empower youth and bring on an agricultural revolution

More than 40% of farmers will be retired by 2030 in Europe. That means the disappearance of 230,000 farmers in France over the next 10 years. Farming is a risky business to get into and the profession is greatly undervalued. At the same time, there are issues of prolonged drought, rising temperatures and increased food insecurity for people in France and beyond. We need a new generation of farmers ready to take on challenges and develop nature-based, resilient and regenerative farming.

Brittany: developing an agroecology region

Agriculture is a huge…

by David Pendle

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The GAIA journey has been a timely learning opportunity in this COVID19 moment. Through this program, thousands of people have found new ways to build towards a more empathetic and generative world. Otto Scharmer, co-founder of the Presencing Institute describes GAIA as “an impromptu global infrastructure for sensemaking, for leaning into our current moment of disruption and letting this moment move us toward civilizational renewal.” This project has involved 10,000+ people signing up for a free, four-month, online learning journey, facilitated by a global team of 100+ volunteers who are co-creating it in eight different languages. They…

This article was originally written by Helio Borges

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Collective Trauma. Image, Olaf Baldini

“One of the greatest pandemic trauma symptoms in the world, besides numbness and hyperactivity, is the fragmentation of my mind, my emotions, and my body. The three elements are not communicating the same thing.” Thomas Huebl

In the 4th session of GAIA, Otto Scharmer welcomed Thomas Huebl. Thomas is the founder of the Academy of Inner Sciences, and of The Pocket Project. …

Article originally written by Helio Borges

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Iceberg model of Systems Thinking. Image, Presencing Institute

Awareness Based Systems Change can be described by the following three sentences.

“You can not understand a system unless you change it.” You cannot change a system unless you transform consciousness.” “You cannot transform consciousness unless you can make a system see and sense itself.” Otto Scharmer

Where We Have Been and Where We Are Going

Antoinette Klatzky opened the Deep Resonance Inhale session of the GAIA Journey. “Right now we are at the Inhale session. We drop in together to go beyond our experience to connect in with each other, to learn from the framing that Otto gives us, to cross-pollinate with…

tradotto da Paolo Fedidall’articolo originale in inglese di Otto Scharmer

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Grafica di Kelvy Bird

Tre settimane fa, ho pubblicato alcune riflessioni su ciò che stiamo imparando dal corona e dall’azione per il clima. Data l’ampia diffusione del post (150.000+ visualizzazioni fino ad oggi), volevo condividere un aggiornamento rapido. L’idea conclusiva del post — di lanciare un’infrastruttura globale improvvisata per appoggiarsi al nostro attuale momento di disgregazione e lasciare che questo momento ci spinga verso il rinnovamento della civiltà — ha rapidamente preso forma.

GAIA — Global Activation of Intention and Action — è stata implementata solo dodici giorni dopo che ci siamo…

Presencing Institute

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